I see all there is
And has ever been
I am not a man
I am everything
Picture of purity
Deific reign
Ordained unto me
Prehistoric god
I shall not move

Those who try
I will drink their blood

I'll be watching them
I am everywhere
Floating on the wind
Hiding in the dark
Pure omniscience
Traitors will quake
At the thought of me
Hang them on a hook
Put them on display
Examples must be made

Here's a test
I am Lord, fear my wrath
This is a test
I am Lord, I am death

What is with these crimes of treason?
I will fight this inquisition if I have to
I will not surrender if I'm backed into a corner
I will draw and quarter all their children
Just to prove I'm not a coward
I will put them all on Judas Cradle
Just to show them a god incarnate

Where's the loyalty
Where's their loyalty?
Where's the loyalty
Where's their loyalty?
No man - no problem