All because of a meeting
Of what she thought was the mind
Became a situation of bind
At only 13, the world she's never seen
It turns out to be
"It's a baby in me!"

A vow made to keep
Giving all I had
The best in the world
Ended up so bad
Tell me where did we go wrong
It messed up our home
Oh, our happy home
There is a solution to everything
To everything, to everything
There is a solution to everything

Oh, dare to believe
In what you cannot see
Oh, grab a hold and don't you dare let go
If you can believe
In what you can not see
Just have the faith
The grain of a mustard seed
Oh, if you believe
In the man on the tree
That he died for you and me
You have the remedy
Oh, to victory, oh, sweet victory
Oh, to victory, you have the remedy...