I surrender all
You know Lord that I surrender all
And unto You I owe
I owe You my soul
You know that I surrender all

All to Jesus
I surrender
Lord, I give my self
My self to thee
You feel me with thy...
With thy love and power
Let, Lord, let thy blessing fall on me

You know that I surrender all
Lord, I surrender all
And it's all to thee my
My blessed Saviour
I surrender it all

Everything I am, I do, Lord
I surrender it all to You, Lord
My heart I give, my soul I give
Everything to You, I freely give
Over to You, Lord

Everything I'll be
I owe it all to thee
Lord, I surrender it all
Humbly at Your feet I bow, Lord
I surrender it all, Lord
Everything, everything, everything
I give it all to You, Lord
I surrender it all... yeah