Hey 54321 hey 54321 hey 54321 hey, 54321 hey,54321(2x)
54321 my love is inbikapable,come boy here I come
My love is inbikapable, 54321,come boy here I come
Love is just for fun,my love is inperkebable.

Why you love me,it's a relieve ,too faulty,go heavenly.
Cos' I got them all lieing up,if there is more lieing up,they might
Catch us,the bright lights are getting us,if there is more would get bilnd
You better rush me there.I believe I will make my move
No need for their same tone ,because I have my telephone on my right

Ibelieve I will hit them with a bubblegum,then they will go all"wu"
Or they will go and hit my stylist 
54321 my love is inpikebale come come here I come, my love inbikebale
54321 my love inpikabale , looovvvvvvvvve is just for fun my love