Well, they call me the super salesman
Cause selling is all I do.
I've got an endless stash
Of expensive trash
I want to sell to you,
Cause I'm a super salesman
Super super salesman,
I'm a super salesman,
That's what I am!

You can tell I'm a genuine person
From my haircut to my shoes.
Don't worry about your money, it's guaranteed,
Guaranteed to lose!
I'm a super salesman

But you'll be doing yourself a favor
And you know that I'm sincere,
I've got a beautiful rap, to sell this crap 
It's music to the ears.
Now listen to me

Sell, sell.
I've got things to save you money 
I've got things to save you time;
So you can use the time
To earn the cash
To buy this trash of mine 
I'm a super salesman

Yes I'm the universal salesman
You can find me anywhere,
Take a good look inside of yourself
You'll find a salesman there. 
And you're the super salesman,
Super super salesman,
You're the super salesman,
That's what you are.

Sell yourself, it's later than you think; 
Sell yourself, it's later than you think; 
Super salesman,
Super super salesman