When you’ve been wounded, deeply wounded by a friend 
You wonder when, if ever, you will trust again 
When you’ve been broken, deeply broken by a man 
You wonder when, if ever, you will love again 

Truth be told I’m not quite sure when things went right 
But the darkest tunnel always has a distant light 
And I’ve arrived, yes I’ve arrived and right on time 
You were there to greet me arms stretched open wide 
You were there to meet me on the other side 

Now I believe in something it’s been a long time coming 
It may not mean that much to you but it means all the world to me 
I’m belonging somewhere it took me time to get here 
But now that I’ve become a part of you I never want to leave 

When you’ve been hurting, deeply hurting all alone 
You wonder when, if ever, you will find a home 
When you’ve been searching, endless searching for the truth 
You wonder when, if ever, it will search for you 
You wonder if someone will ever search for you