I'm sure that ya heard the rumors about me 
Word on the street is I'm happy 
But ya didn't care nothing 'bout that 
Said I was the one you had to have 
Knowing that I wasn't into to no games 
Wasn't tryna take nobody's last name 
But you changed my mind 
Took me off the grind 
Now I'm yours for life. 

What if I never met you? 
What would it take to get you? 
This thing that you do, that can't nobody else do 
What if you was still on the block? 
Will this love we got make ya stop? 
I don't wanna ever think about, can't do without it. 

Who Knew? 
It would be you changing my plans, stealing my heart? 
Who knew? 
You were the one just like me 
Snatch a sista up and wifed me 
Who knew that you would be my babydaddy? 
Spending all ya hard-earned money on me 
You came out the blue; boy I'm glad it's you 
Tell me who knew? 

Ain't nobody gonna take me 
But you're the only one that ever shown me what it's like to know real love 
What it's like to get that good love 
Getting turned on and getting turned out 
Doing it so good that there's no doubt 
There ain't never gonna be a time that I'm not here and he ain't mine 

It coulda been you with some other chick 
And it coulda been me with some other man 
You coulda walked by and none of this would happen 
Now we're shopping for baby's shoes 
Now it's rings, bells, and a preacher too 
Now we're forever 
Tell me who knewwwww 

[Chorus 'til end]