Dream stealer - disbeliever
Don't take a chance on me
High risk - I'm a shot in the dark
I come easy but I don't come free

Shot down - I been kicked
in the teeth
Called crazy - call me a fool, yeah
Lay the odds, roll the dice
I'm gonna break all the rules

It'll be a Cold Day In Hell
When frozen eyes cast a spell
On a Cold Day In Hell
How much of your soul can you sell

Empty eyes of heartless friends
The night is mine again
Bitter streets of evil stares
No one listens, no one cares

But cold steel is made to last
And chains of gold are broken fast
This cold city ain't freezin' me
I'll be what Y wanna be

Get ready to go
Or get out of my way
I'm not takin' a free ride
I'm hot on a Cold Day In Hell