Ohhhh ohhh oh
 Verse 1:
Let me tell you a story about a man named Leroy Jones. He loved my mother children like they was his own. He was a role model, he was there for me. The first man to take on a shopping spree. Thats the type of man, that me and my daughter need! See im a two for one baby, im a package deal. Not trying to scare you away, im just keeping it real.
Cause im not alone (not alone) and if im the woman you really and truly want (truly want), then you gotta love my child like you love your own. Is there enough love inside you, can you handle (handle)? To love em' like you love your own (love em' like you love your own).. Just like Leroy Jones.
       Verse 2:
When they broke up, he was still around. Although they didn't work out, he didn't put us down. He came to my school plays, all my brother's games, and walked my down the field when I won this 10th grade. Do you think that you could treat my child the same?
         Chorus: ---

God bless the man that can love a child thats not his own, like his own. 2x


Oo I love I love I love Leroy Jones. Can you be like Leroy Jones? Can love a child thats not your own.

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