Narrator: As we continue after the second episode of As the Magnolia Turns
Ya dig?
Guy 1: Man, we gon' get caught in rain
Guy 2: Man, my Reeboks gon' get goddamn wet
Guy 1: Man, fuck yo' Reeboks, man, look at this cop slowin' down
Guy 2: Shit, just keep walkin', damn
Gang member: Ah! Voila! You thought you were bad ass, huh, in the club?
Guy 1: Fuck, motherfucker won't catch me
Guy 2: No, come back, come back! Man, come back
Gang member: I'm goin' to pump a cap in a nigga's ass tonight
Guy 1: You better run nigga
Gang member: It gon' be one of you. I am from the Magnolia too, you bitch
Guy 1: Woah, we gotta kill him, you know
Guy 2: I'm sorry, bruh
Gang member: What you mean? You actin' like a bitch right now. You actin' like a bitch
Guy 2: None of that
Guy 1: I'm just sayin', you know, you ain't gotta kill him man
Gang member: I want them dead. I want their mothers dead. I want their grandmothers dead
Guy 2 It ain't gotta be all that, bruh
Gang member: Son of a cousins of bitches