I will put my ship in order
And I will set her on the sea
And I will sail to yonder harbor
To see if my love minds on me

I drew my ship into the harbor
I drew her up where my true love lay
I drew her close up to the window
To listen what my true love did say

"Oh who is that at my bower window?
That raps so loudly and would be in?"
"It is your true love that loves you dearly
So rise, dear love, and let him in"

Then slowly, slowly rose she up
And slowly, slowly came she down
But before she had the door unlocked
Her true love had both come and gone

"Come back, come back, my own true love
Come back, come back, come to my side
I never grieved you nor yet deceived you
And I will surely be your bride"

"The fish shall fly, the seas run dry, love
The rocks shall melt with the sun
The laboring men shall forget their labor
Before that I return again"