Now I'm a just a country girl 
That's one thing sure as shooting 
I hate those folks that think 
That they're so dagburn high fluting 

Now I'd be the same in Hollywood 
Or right in my own kitchen 
Huh, I believe in fussing when you're mad 
And a scratching when you're a itching 

I'm a plain, old country girl 
A cornbread-loving country girl 
I raise Cain on Saturday 
But I go to church on Sunday 
I'm a plain old country girl 
A cornbread-loving country girl 
I'll be a looking over the old, gray mule 
When the sun comes up on Monday 

Every time the preacher called 
Maw always fixed a chicken 
Now if I reach for that drumstick 
I was just sure to get a licking 

She always saved 2 parts for me 
But I had to shut my mouth 
It t'was the gizzard and the north end 
Of a chicken a flying south 

In school my teachers used to claim 
That I was awful lazy 
But I always believed that too much learning 
Just drives you crazy 

It hurts my brain to try to solve 
A problem that's a twister 
If ignorance is bliss 
Then I'm the nation's biggest blister 


Now when I've peeled my last, old tater 
And I've laid me down to die 
And gone to the land of milk and honey 
Far beyond the sky 

In that far land with streets of gold 
And clothing which is silken 
You'll find me a flying around the barn 
Just a helping with the milking