I have risen in the darkened valley,
The one who in my dreams
Of twilight did stand.

And I am off by the moonlight,
The break of the morning,
I am leaving the mountains,
The mountains so grand.

I strayed to a place far from my home,
In search of a lover that I might adore.
And my heart it was aching,
For the forest so gentle,
But my longing for love was with me even more
And many the comings I passed my eye over
And many the moment of beauty returned.

They sit with their smiles
And eyes filled with laughter
But sure in the end
With myself waiting still.

But when I returned to the forest I found you in
In valleys overshadowed by mountains so grand,
And I pray that God's angels
Will ever protect you
And I pray to keep safe
Your little white heart.

And now I'm stationed
Where the wild waves are breaking,
Far from the forest,
A love and to side.

But when I return,
It will be to my dear one,
In my lands in the mountain,
The mountains so grand.