"First we're affected by what we know
When I talk to the kids in high school classes, college classes
That's the first thing I tell them
Get the information while you're here, right
Nothing worse than being stupid when you get out of school
So get the information
Being broke is bad, but being stupid is what's really bad
And what's really, really bad is being broke and stupid"

Uh, This the shit I dreamed about when I way only four
Sugar water, mac 'n' cheese, we were broke and poor
Court evictions, landlords never showed remorse
Now I'm in the buildin', when they greet me they gon' hold the door
I never needed your acceptance, this is my destin'
I made Devil's Work and turned it into God's blessings
Can't knock me off the block, this is not Tetris
Life lessons I learned, table's turned, that's my assessment
They told me to be patient but I need to flex
I'm so famous I can finally hit Jay-Z direct
I might hit up Drake and tell him to send me the jet
I might drink CÎROC with Puff if he send me a check
Lotta squares in my family, I can see the stress
Bunch a crabs in a bucket try and eat my flesh
I ain't nothin' like you niggas, I don't even rest
I don't sleep until I see success, I wish you the best
I ain't on no hatin' shit, I just wanna get rich
I don't do relationships, I don't wanna commit
Lotta bitches did me dirty, ain't talk to me since
And now I'm insecure, closed off, but that's hard to admit
I'm just thinking 'bout the days they were makin' me jealous
Can't rain on my parade when I'm made of umbrellas
Fuck it, they don't faze me, I don't stay in my feelings
Thought money would change me but it changed all my niggas
I just bought a Lamborghini and painted the ceilin'
I ain't braggin' I'm just happy I made me a million
ADHD, I was slow, now they label me brilliant
I'm proud a niggas like Hov, he made him a billion
I hope I never go broke, try and break through the ceilings
Fifty thousand on the low, I might make an appearance
This that shit that made them kids run away from their parents
Nigga I'm breaking your spirit

I told myself if I go out then I'ma light my wrist
If I die today, I'm happy for the life I live
And my son is only 3, he be like, "Mama rich"
Told him go outside and play, just be inside by six
I done make my niggas proud, you ain't gotta love me
Give a fuck about your opinion only God could judge me
I don't even write on paper I just write on Tully
I'ma hire an assistant make her write it for me
This is me against the world, that's the mood I'm in
Hop up out the fuckin' pussy, like I'm new again
I remember they was callin' me a hooligan in special education
I just might go back to school again, whoa

Only hit it once, then I make her leave
We ain't cuddlin', I need some space to breathe
If she fuck me good, I let her stay till three
No I'm not your man, but we can make believe
Okay you gotta ass, that don't mean a thing to me
Stop actin' like a brat, bitch, I ain't Jermaine Dupree
These pussy niggas talkin' 'bout what they gon' say to me
And they gon' beat me up, I told 'em
"That's some shit I pay to see", stupid

"And what's really, really bad is being broke and stupid
Nothing much worse than that, unless you're sick
Right, sick, broke and stupid, that's
About as far a you can fall unless you're ugly
Right, but surely that would be the ultimate, right?
The ultimate negative life, ugly, sick, broke and stupid"

I turn my life into a movie bitch, I think I'm Rocky
I can't even wear my jewellery now, they think I'm cocky
I know that I got myself if I ain't got nobody
Just bought a pistol, I just hope that it ain't got no bodies
You gon' have to pay the price if you get wishy-washy
This a Tallageda Night, I think I'm Ricky Bobby
My advice, quit the music, get a different hobby
All you little niggas sound the same, just a different copy, whoa

And I bow my head and pray for this
Yeah I spilled my guts and made a mess
Shit, I ran on Mars and made a wish
Yeah, I stand on cars like Jaden Smith
And I ball so hard I sprain my wrist
If I shoot it then I ain't gon' miss
Loyal nigga so I ain't gon' switch
Blew my money at the strippy, it don't make no sense
Broke and stupid, shit'll never be the same again

"And what's really, really bad is being broke and stupid"