Shit, fuck
I fuckin' hate the rain nigga
Why you, why you hate the rain so much man?
Nigga you know why I hate the rain
I don't know
This shit remind of Beluxia and shit
Stupid bitch
Fuckin' hated that bitch
You, what?
Aye nigga you what I did for that
[*Thunder strikes*]
Ah! What the fuck was that?
Bitch ass nigga
I don't like that shit man
I know
Anyway nigga you know what I done did for that bitch?
What? What'd you do for that bitch?
Nigga I used to run that bitch's bath water
I used to babysit all her badass fuckin' kids
While she go out and hang with some hoe named Roxanne and shit
I hated that bitch
I never met her
Yeah man, Roxanne
Why does that name sound so familiar?
Bitch took up all my motherfuckin' time
Every halfour that bitch was calling' her motherfuckin' phone
And she would just, up and leave to go hang out
Can you believe she spent my birthday with Roxanne nigga?
For real?
Yeah man, couple days later
One rainy night, I came home to a note
Bitch talkin' bout she don't need me no more
Man I swear to god everytime I think about that day I wanna cry man
Ayy but you know what tho bro?
I'm happy I got you man
I love you man
Ai, ai (What?)
Ai that's it, that's it, ai (What?)
Imma tell you something but promise me you won't get mad nigga
I ain't gon' get mad man, I promise
You promise?
I promise nigga just say it
Aiit man, I'm Roxanne
Yeah nigga I'm Roxanne nigga
I'm the motherfuckin' Roxanne that you been textin' (The fuck)
And I'm the one who she went to go see it was me nigga (The fuck you mean?)
What the fuck you talkin' bout nigga you fucked my bitch?
Well I couldn't think of no other way to get you out the house nigga
You fucked my bitch?
So I had to be Roxanne man, I'm sorry (You fucked my b- -igga)
I - Beluxia?
I'm sorry it's all my fault
Beluxia outta all bitches?
Ass so fat nigga you used to talk about all the time
I wanted to hit it
Ah, shit nigga
Man I wanted to hit it for you, aiit?
Oh my fuckin' god
I'm sorry nigga
[*Joyner starts crying*]
C'mon nigga
Please, you can't get mad
I don't wanna talk to you man
It's just pussy my nigga
Man I don't wanna talk to you
No wonder why she said she don't need me no more