Hey you honeydew

I can not sleep

I don' t know what

To do

I'm lookin' for a girl to spend the night

Makin' dirty things 'till the early light

And when you wake up in the morning and

You see I'm gone Check this out, cos' you're not alone

I love you, I'm waiting like

A dynamite Baby come to me

Cause I need you tonight I

Need you tonight I want you tonight

I love you I want you I need you tonight

Hey love how do you feel

When i talk to you I

Really feel so real Cos'

Your voice is a special sound

So please my honey please come around

Right down the club when I saw you last night

Your eyes were brown but they were

Shining bright You asked me that song , I

Told you yes I think

I'm in love baby, I must confess

I need you tonight...

Well baby you are so sweet

You make me dance like

A special beat I wanna

Dance with you, wanna make it right

I wanna do it all day and do it all night

Yes I know you're a child but I'm a child too

Take a ride baby I think I need you

Yes I know you're a child

But I'm a young boy too Let's take a ride

Baby, I think I need you

I need you tonight...

Hey you what you gonna do

You're always on the phone but you're

Not alone I got you, your mother


Sister and your brother

Got the bills to pay gettin' bigger everyday

You are a son of a gun with no income

Just girls in your brain you're

Drivin' me insane I can't take no

More of all these chores Cause

The telephone I'm workin' for

Hallo! Hey you what are you doing now

Did you listen to me on the radio today

OK I've dedicated you a song baby

Bye bye


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