It breaks my heart to see you sad
I wish that I could turn this stretch of bad luck that you've had
I go to call you on the phone
I know you're in the dark alone, but my heart turns to stone

'Cause I got nothin', I got nothin'

I wish I had some time to spare
I can't imagine when or where I'll find it, but let's be fair
As badly as you want me to
I cannot change the world, there's only so much I can do

'Cause I got nothin', I got nothin'

Nothing is as nothing does
I can't remember who I was
I used to be so kind and tender
Now I'm on a nothing nowhere bender

Someday I'll turn this wreck around
I'll wear bright colors, make a joyful sound
I'll call you just because sometime
We'll reminisce and say it's fine that I was yours
And you were mine

Won't that be something?
Won't that be something?
At least that's something

But for now
But for now
At least for now, I got nothin'.