One, two , three
Uh and here we go (2x)
(Beautiful Mind, Mind
Facebook: Jon Bellion
Scattered Thoughts is the name of this mixtape
I'm Jon Bellion, nice to meet you)
Sending this message into space with my ray gun
Hoping that important ears will hear this when the days done
So far it's been great fun
You would swear I've been playing with myself
Cause I been doing me since day one
They used to swear that I would never have a smash hit
Now I see them haters double-take no adlibs
Cause what comes from his lips is crack, chapstick
What I'm composing, I'm singing, mixing, and writing bars
So I guess I make it easy to pick out my flaws
Cause when one things crazy another's subpar
So I guess I gotta make it work tr-tr-triple times as hard
The engineers will have my head is the mix is off
Rappers will be coming at my neck if the 16 is wrong
Singers keep telling me that I got a ton of vocals flaws
But every single one of them is like "Yo! Your talents raw"
I think I'm heading in the right direction (4x)
A...yeah first time listening to me
If you just popped a mixtape in or something
This is what I do. I make feel good music
I guess don't expect anything more or less
I just make whatever I feel like making
So please don't try and save me
This is how my story ends
This keeps me from going crazy
So I'll be writing 'til my death
I'm on my 3AM flow and I'm chilling with these lights low
This tracks too sexy I might just call a friend and see where the night goes
I think I'm heading in the right direction (4x)
But yeah, like I said
The label is Beautiful Mind
My name is Jon Bellion and the mixtape is Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1
Welcome, hope you like it. Word!
Yo, This beat is tough
I mean I made it but this beat is tough
I can say that