I?m pre-meditating crime of a personal kind
I?m about to go out of my mind
I?m just about sick to death of taking breath
And walking this line of mine

Now, folks that know what?s good for them
Are good at ignoring them
But I just can?t put these thoughts down
I?m harrowed and abused and broken and pursued
By this notion that follows me around

My heart is hurting, my spirit?s burdened
I feel like a liar and a thief
For taking air, for being here
Unwanted, I look for my final release

Goodbye, goodbye, California
Goodbye and I?ll be moving on
I sang you my songs, I know I?m wrong
Fare thee well and I?ll be moving on

When I?m dead and gone
My immortal home will hold me in its bosom
Safe and cold, no more desires
Will light their fires or disturb my immaculate calm

And the birds of the air and the beasts of the soil
And the fishes of the desperate seas
Will know who I am and our substance will expand
As part of everything

As part of everything, my God
As part of everything and the clouds will roll
And the wind will blow and the beautiful birds will sing

Goodbye, goodbye, California
Goodbye to your waving trees
To you succulent wind and all my friends
Fare thee well, goodbye, so be it