Recently a friend of mine gave me a ticket to the ballet
They were front seats it's something I usually don't do
I decided to attend the performance
In my best black suit and stylish white shirt
I took a taxi across town it was raining
The fear was small I haven't feel ..
Because the feeling inside .. the velvet
.. hit me like a flock of flying birds
The tragedy … strings
A prim-Madonna … on a while
Like a mermaid she begin to sing
Welcome to the dream of life
Where nothing is everything
Peace of mind
Rapped it up and .. served it up in lie
Peace of mind
No such thing as peace of mine
Just real words
By this time the room was spinning
The chandelier was rocking

This was getting interesting
All the .. was taken up and laugh till you cry
The queen of England offered me some coke
Next to me was Charlie Chaplin feeling .. to the joke
The .. Johnny Cash with drinking ..
Someone called and .. again
..and all at once the crowd begun to sing
Feel the observe
Ballerina danced upon
A pirouette of light
I swear to God she looked at me
I feel in love that night
Sending down the ..
Sending through the light
One more courting goes
The grand finale came and went
So I made it out to the streets
The rain has stopped
And I stood there in the .. of light
I light a cigarette
And I thought to myself
Life is cheap