We both know
We shouldn't be so close
But you're talkin' dirty
it's 2:30 in the mornin'
Come on baby lets go
I wanna' know whats up
"and then I hold you slowly"
In lesser clothing
We count up.

We both know
You're cancer to my throat
You got 100 different ways to say no
But you go and you go and you go.
Sellin' your soul.
C c come on
Did you think I'd believe this one?
You said
"baby hold me slowly"
"Oh just keep going"
"Oh you just met me"
"God you're amazing"

We're alike
in a million
different ways
And you're the only fuck
I ever gave.
Then you went,
and you threw it all away.
I guess I'd say,
that was the best day
Cause you're the rope
thats been hangin
on to me.
I thank the breeze
for lettin'me know
You cheat.