This, this tastes sour. Hip, hip, hooray
Boom, boom, boom, let me hear you say, "Way-oh!"

So like, if you made it this far, thanks for listenin' all the way through.
I feel like you deserve a goodie bag or a medal, so drop me a DM.
And if you're at a barbecue or some other social gathering, 
and you left your preferred streaming service running through by accident, 
sorry, but there's gonna be a bit of talking.
 But at least it's a fire beat in the background, so please hear me out, yeah? 
See my name Jax Jones come from a UK slang. 
On your Jax Jones, needing to do something on your own. 
And here we are at the end of my first album, and boy, man was wrong. 
See, so many people came together to make these musical snacks 
and I wanna thank 'em. 
First off, my influences, shout out Pharrell, Timothy Mosby, 
Thomas VanGogh Ter, guy Manual, Kanye. Ah man, 
Mark Kinchin, Dizzee, Hot Natured, 
and Booka Shade, your bassline changed everything, guys. 
I was still doing gigs for a couple hundred pounds, 
driving up and down with my wife just tryna pay the rent. 
And it's a journey, and it leads me on to the songwriters 
and producers and artists I've collaborated with. Rage Engine, the dream team, 
Mike Dunn, Jamine, Martin Solveig, Becky Hill, MNEK, Camille, 
South London's finest. Mabel, E-Nub, Ollie, Demi, Stefflon, Bebe, Jess, Tove, 
Madison, Will, Fred [?], Boy Mattews, Steve Mac. 
Wow, special mention to the MVP, Mark Raplh. 
It's tequlia time, bro, arriba! Lucy, 
thanks for always believing in me and helping me perfect the beat.
Adam Diamond, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know what I know, so thank you, bro. 
I still think fondly about the music we made together. 
My whole team and the label, man like Jamie Spinx who took a chance on us. 
Dan, thanks for always dreaming big. 
To my family, to my wife, you're the reason we made it, babe. 
I'm thankful music has changed our life but it wasn't always easy. 
When people ask me what does this album mean to me, 
it's for everyone that didn't believe. 
That guy that said I couldn't produce, that ain't true. 
That guy that said I'll never finish a record on my own, that ain't true. 
Prove them wrong. So when you listen to this album, 
feel that positive energy and every beat, every vocal, 
and know no matter how far you are away from your dreams, 
you can get there, fam. Peace

What you, what you gon' do?