I walked across a continent 
where children did not bat an eye 
when made to watch their mothers die 
they left the bodies by the sides of roads
where only willows cried 
yes even my own eyes were dry 
when somehow there I lost my bride 
the ring slipped free and fell beneath the earth 

so like Orpheus I bowed and went far underneath the firmaments 
my harp strings broke 
my voice was spent 
I kissed my lady's hand and sent 
my two weeks notice with my rent 
and she grew cold and softly said 
I am not your lover I'm the map you use to find her
I am not your lover 
I'm just a map you use to find her

I step outside my room once more 
and see what I have seen before 
another ship washed to my shore 
a figure walked toweards my door 
her face is tired her dress is torn 
I look into her eyes and feel her thirst 

she says I've come across these waters 
high pressed on by such auspicious signs
I've watched the stars and read the tides 
the winds have brought me to your side 
I come to you 
I am your bride 
and I grew cold as I replied 
that I am not your lover, 
I'm the map you used to find him 
I am not your lover 
I'm just a map you use to find him