You've got me on a string
I don't mean a thing to you
I'm holding on to no one
I'm a long time lover
And my long time love is gone

If my man beats me, robs me blind
Long as he don't leave me, I don't mind
I would beg and I would crawl
Though it does no good at all
My man's been gone so long
And I keep holding on

And if he needed me, I'd be there
No matter how he mistreated me
I don't care
I would get down on my knees
Though it does no good to please
My man's been gone for so long
And I keep holding on

Broken windows, boarded doorways
Choose your prison
When I'm with him
I'm a fool for loving you
And well I know
How the head says - no
And the heart says
Go down on your knees, woman
And keep on holding on