To foreign lands we are tasked to go 
An ancient crypt a bottomless hole 
What treasures are hiding there? 

An ancient world who dares to go? 
Great mysteries we left unknown 
What treasures are hidden there? 

Dare to be bold 
Dare to lead 
Dare to expose great mysteries 
Dare to take hold 
Dare to conceive 
Dare to venture beyond all belief 

Eyes cannot believe what things I see 
Treasures and wonders beyond belief 
No one must know what's here 
The more we look the more we find 
Things unearthed that history left behind 
No ore must know what's here 

I must find a way to make this mine 
To claim it for myself as my own find 
Bury them all with truth 
Claim this find and all hidden below 
Soon there will be no one left who knows
Bury them all with truth