I Got This Feelin We Both Have Love
 My Mama Say Itz Popcorn Love
 My Daddy Tell Me It Can't Be Love 
 Can Somebody Help Me I'm Messin For Help Please
 Tell Me Have You Seen Her?

 I Left A Message On Your Mom House Phone
 Sayin I'm Gonna See You In Hoomeroom
 Firstday Of School Came Around You Didn't Come I Start To Think
 Cause When I Saw You On The Play Ground For The First Time You Cranked A Smile Nd 
 We Been Friends Ever Since Then And You Been Gone
 I Dont Know What It Is, I Dont Know Where It Is But


 Maybe I Need To Pinch Myself
 Maybe I Need To Stop Dreamin
 Well A Few Days Gone By
 Is This Love
 I Dont Know Whats Love
 Walkin Down The Hallway Nd I See You
 Nd Say Baby How Ya Been I Miss Ya Too
 I Thought We Wasn't Friends I Guess We Friends Till The End 
 I Guess This Is What Peple Call Love

[Chorus x2]

 Im Missin My Baby (Missin My Baby)
 It's Drivin Me Crazy (Drivin Me Crazy)
 Been Missin You Latelty (I've Been Missin You Latly)
 Tell Me Have Ya See Her (2x)