Someone made the garden
For the flowers
And gave to them
The April showers

And now in the beauty
Of each rose I see
Someone made you
Made you for me

He made the land
Embraced the ocean
And filled them both
With love's devotion

And as they need each other
So desperately
I hope you'll always
You'll always need me

Just as he made
The stars above me
He made someone
Someone like you to love me

And I pray to him
The great Maker of our home
And I just wanna thank him for sending you
To answer my call

And as I've heard about
The Rock of Ages
One day this love I have in my heart for you
Is gonna fuel a million pages

I pray to him that there will always be
The love he made for you and me

I hope that there will always be
Such a beautiful love
He made for you and me
Don't let it...
Don't let it fade away...