Down below the city
Where the light is cold and dim
Creatures without name
Are paying for the sin
Not dead nor alive
In a dark and toxic reign
Infected by the virus
We failed to reach the aim

Damned to walk the night
Access to the world above denied
Lost without a cure
But as long as we are standing
I'll endure

On that very day
God has turned away
Even though I pray
Hear my words

Heal me
Heal my scars
I'm longing for peace
Heal me
Heal my pain
Let me walk the daylight again

We challenged the Creation
In the hope to reveal
The secrets of the Maker
When the agent broke the seal
Immortal we are suffering
For opening the locks
To see what is concealed
Inside Pandora's box

And though we have
To walk the night
With access to the life above

Can't you hear my cry
Let us life or die
Longing for salvation
Set us free

Heal me