Your life is so much sorrow 
Let me take one moment of your pain 
You have died a million times over 
Who would comprehend the misery of life's game 
So come, let's share of life's treasures 
We'll live a life of passion undisturbed by shame 
What you require, I offer with pleasure and
Let's fall laughing, tumbling in vermillion rain 

Come into my life 
My Prince of Shadows (3x)
Come take my life

My heart shall know of no other 
Within your arms I feel strangely serene 
All those lives you've seen rise, mature and die 
Who else could say that they've seen the sights you've seen 
The world shall show us such wonders 
I'll cast my net into the Sea of Dreams 
And so, my love, I give you my life blood 
And disregard the hollow life that's been