Graverobbers, sodomites, charlatans
Bloodsuckers, filthy rats, necrophiliacs
Backstabbers, harlots, agitators
The netherworld will shine again

Pig's blood drips from the walls
Triplets born without heads
Reflection of planet Mars
War ever so evident
When Venus hides her charm
Bloodred nebula rises
Poisons the nonbelievers
Attacks without mercy

Flaming sword of Satan
Fire eats mankind

Warmongers, lepers, necromancers
Hanged me, lost souls, impostors
Rapists, deniers, masturbators
Your world is dead

Morning star the merciless
Burns to give rebirth
Salvation thru metling man
Whips to kill again and again

Flaming sword of Satan
Fire kills everything

Onward towards death
Surrender your soul