I remember the bus just the greyhound and us 
It was in between st. Paul and fargo 
There were two days to go but we virgins were slow 
And my hand hadn't moved since chicago 

Moving over your knee was new territory 
We were passing through billings montana 
As we slipped through spokane you said something profane 
And i shifted up into nirvana 

I can feel you i can see 
Puget sound you belong to me 
I can feel you mighty sea 
Puget sound you belong to me 

Lying there like a pearl oh my ithica girl 
We've got 44 days in tacoma 
And we lay in the sand with my life in your hand 
I just drifted in pacificoma 

I can feel you gentle sea 
Puget sound you have set me free 
Feel the ocean feel the sun 
Puget sound feel your waters runs 

There was nothing to say we just shivered all day 
Ad we touched and i kissed you all over 
They said go west young man and it's true that you can 
For an old 99 dollar rover