Fat spender you're a moneylender
Message sender you're a mind bender
Oh you worry me
Money you got it hot dawg
I made my mind up to go for the kill
I'm gonna fight with you, gonna climb your hill
Oh you dragged me down
Money you got it, I got none why's that
Pound for pound
You beat a snake in the grass,
Across eyed toad, a thieving rogue
And they don't move as fast
Pound by pound
You stowed the money away
Your greasy palm was seen to stray
Oh money lender what you got to say
Hey money lender tried to take my life away
Money you got it hot dawg
Turning like a stag trying to survive
How do you know if I'm dead or alive
Asking you for once are your surprised
I've had enough of your lies
I've been patronised, victimised
I've been treated unkind
Can it be that l trusted you brother of mine
Hey money lender I ain't gonna surrender
Hey people arranger can you feel the danger
Oh you dirty dog
Money, it's evil hand it over
Hey money lender you've a ticket vendor
One black suspender for a hot dog
It's getting hard to remember who are you