He prays his eyes stay open on the long and lonesome 
He lives his life through day dreams of the girl he had 
known before.
He laughs about his wasted life, turns off the radio.
There’s no use in being angry so long as he makes it 

He sings, “If I could turn this around tonight,
I’d drive back to my old town life.
And when I say that I miss you, I know it don’t mean 
but I’ll see you again my Lorelei.
I will.”

He pulls the break of his big rig and gives his boss 
his last regard.
Takes a greyhound back to his hometown , to the steps 
of her old front yard.
He’s sent to graveyard Blvd. where he finds her at the 
top of the hill.
He mouths the words, “Will you marry me?”
Her tombstone reads, “I will.”

He sings, “If I could have asked you out that night,
I’d have led a different life and maybe you would be my 
But now I sit here missing you and I know it don’t mean 
But I’ll see you again my Lorelei.
I will”

He ain’t scared of death, he greets the end.