I can hear the treetops in the distance
 I can see your hollowed eyes
 What have you done to yourself in this instance?
 I guess it comes as no surprise

 I can see the billboards in the distance
 Writing is on every wall
 I don't wanna know about your business
 Sooner or later, friend, you've got to fall

 Every night it's gotta be adventure
 The way you live your life's a crime
 And if you're guilty, will you serve the sentence?
 You're already doing time

 There's nothing wrong with having aspirations
 Nothing wrong with walking tall
 But if misfortune deals the consequences
 Sooner or later, friend, you've got to fall

 I know the difference, you keep your distance
 I don't wanna know what you've got
 Is it pathetic to be sympathetic?
 Maybe you don't wanna get caught
 Caught up in something that's real
 That could last for a lifetime
 Nothing like the disease
 Disease that's in your mind

 I can see your life disintegrating
 Into ashes in your hand
 And I know you wouldn't want to tell me
 What is wrong 'cause you're a man