Now you look like you just got back from somewhere
 Somewhere yeah you know that it's true
 Together we went nearly to nowhere
 Nowhere really worth going to
 Standing at the city center
 In the middle of the winter
 I was waiting for you and you were due

 When I got back you said you were leaving
 Leaving you said right away
 And coming back for the sake of retrieving
 Things you'd forgotten on that day
 Still now my eyes are burning
 With the sight of your returning
 Everywhere I look I'm finding you
 I remember you

 Familiar places that we turned into gardens
 Somewhere yeah you know that it's true
 I'm begging you now a thousand pardons
 For all of the wastelands we've been through
 I remember asking whether
 Or where we could be together
 You smiled at me and you said soon