where there's a chance to fall through
 the devil will find you

 history has shown
 generations buried by their secrets
 awaken to naked bosom in bed,
 empty bottles on the nightstand,
 and parachuting ways to quickly numb and satisfy
 oh what pride
 I'll have her waiting
 can I beg of myself the blame

 I can be a man
 show no mercy
 I'll accuse myself
 please, please no praise
 I am overbold

 there's long sleeping in the living and the thinking
 that devil may care
 like these harlots surrounding
 at night I'm a mad man
 by day I'm a sad man

 all day I'm like a thief that wants to get caught
 so please someone don't you be proud
 all day is like a misfortunate soldier thought
 oh please someone won't you be proud