tell me you need it
 cause it's too soothing to know
 there's no end
 can you separate it
 I know you want it
 to feel control

 no traffic in these eyes
 when veins in tantric change
 it's slow pumping thought my legs
 we'll try to carry on
 with veins in tantric change
 and yes we'll try
 to stomp these days away

 what if right now these heads
 rolled dead across the table
 who'd sew theirs back?
 I'm slowing thinking
 of switching your head
 with my body
 we can start these days the same

 comfort me on the floor with these bones
 they're two mouths to feed
 I am just a ghost

 you think I'm rested
 I am more shot than you know
 I hear and chase them off the rooftops and the walls
 it feels like there's something in the walls

 no traffic in my eyes
 it takes the pain away