Brought new attention for the media
it's like seeing pretty new burdens
with a musket grin
we can trigger your favourite sin
like seeking new burdens
for lazy guards in watch towers

bring us to courthouse control
dental records prove
only if our tongues are cut off
then we will be less of a disease

we found religion
in splitting teeth at equivocate ideals
of the virtue of a man
a simple tithe in the spirit of
how we deem you
newsprint exploiter
we all get lonely
i guess your portfolio did too

a good fire celebrate
a far call can't erase
follow it out

let's burn it out

with a quick fix stare
they tell us to be obscene
they don't care who believes

ears pinned back
we've travelled far
looks like we got ourselves an interpreter
and it's time to imitate
being one of a kind
won't someone celebrate you?
illegally instate
the burn
of a world
gone down in a flame
it's our brilliant rise to fame the burden
of what we thought was a man
we'll burn your stock down
we get a sick euphoria
burn the devil's concubine