i've found
this new life i dwell
in His peace my existence
follows after
His eyes everything is content
everything is content for this love you've given me
but as the sun and moon turn
and my path becomes troublesome
weak for me on my unsure journey
i strive day by day for something i've never seen down this road
there can be no end in sight for me
will you abandon me in my time of need?
God don't let me doubt
show me your way out
my eyes have never seen you
but my heart wants to know you
it's all clear now
my fall is a product of my impatience
now i know the truth put me through the fire
test me to the end
for my faith is solid
my faith is solid in your unchanging love
prove yourself true to me
will you fill this place with your saving grace?
my life is in your hands
Your wisdom helps me stand
Your love comforts me
given me eyes to see through the lies of this world to show
Your glory