I am who hundredfold expired, to be born renewed
Vampyronium is my throne
I am from Cain's stiletto liquefied with life
Vampyronium is my throne
Blood of first crime delivers pain
Vampyronium is my throne
I am who was born again, and time for ages suffice
Vampyronium is my throne

In glitter of star dust born
Auroras millions at my feet
Idolatrous salute at my side
With devotion, reverence and sacrifice

I am engraved by mark of hundred's magic
I am the eye, the fang, the claw
So feel the taste of my kingdom

Come my children
Follow my voice
Come my children
Follow the craze of desire

Throne my streamed by pain and terror
Scepter my severe - dividing and measuring
Kingdoms mine million and one
Inflicting pain in eternity last

In eternity to me devoted
In rage of pain from death retaked
In nothingness I last
Freedom retrieving from YOU