I was looking in the mirror last night
My grey hair turned to black
I was looking in the mirror last night
And pleasant memories came back
I remember the time when I was seventeen
And all the things that I wanted to do
The world was new

The world is for the young
C'mon, we're on our way
Its a wonderful place
But when we done what we're going to do
Then we'll have changed it's face

Searching through some papers one day
A sweet scent filled the air
It came from the letter I found
And a lock of dark hair

It belonged to a girl who was in love with me
And she written that without me, she'd die
I wonder why?

Looking through an album last night
I came acrossed a snap
That showed a handsome youth
With a girl sitting on his lap

"Valentino?" I thought, with his sleeked black hair
And Mary Pigford was on his knee
But it was me!

The world is for the young
But they'll soon find out
When they come to explore
The strange new lands of expirience
But we've been there before

Trying to recapture the past
Only makes me regret
The passing of an age and all the people that I've met

A ride on a tram on the upper deck
With a boy with a Fairbanks moustache
We were so rash

The world is for the young
It was always so

It's not ours anymore
But, they'll find out when they follow us
'cause we've been there before