Born to fight,kill to survive
Hear me,death from above
Without warning,I am over you
You panic,it's your last move

Destroy with power,this bird of steel
The orders given to waste the country side
No remorse,time to exterminate

I've killed a thousand,& I awnt more
No guilt,I keep every score
I start to sweat,kiss the ground goodbye
In the air,I fear this my final flight

Prepare to conquer,this desolate place
I think of my life & what I've done
I am not ready to die,I wanna kill for fun

Time to strike,I am the power of the night
Feel the force,the one you're dealing with
My war is on,fight but fall,they fail
Death rides high,Napalm has been dropped
Your town shall burn

Burn the sky,from the jungle to the sea
Feel the flames,the pyro that's in me
My war is in,fight but fall they fail
Death rides high,makes you lose your mind

See - The blackness of the night
Feel - The horror of the flame
Attack - You have been warned
To the death - We're solemnly sworn