In the night the candles burning bright
The power rushing through my brain
The sands of time creates a rhythmic rhyme
Each grain of sand my legacy

Alone & cold in the chapel made of stone
My blood poisoned,there's no life
Sacrilege,my passion in disguise
Will my judgement mean the end of time

Life - Just one life to give
Death - It's all I have to give
Sin - The pleasure that I crave
Sacrament - In sickness I obey

My mind possessed with the passion to hate
Each day I take another life
My victims, a sacrifice to thee
Tormented on this holy ground
Stalking humanity for my prey
My hunger satisfied with lust
Remains,concealed with in these walls
Beginning to end a perfect crime

One fault my sacrament destroyed
Ending of the unholy vows
Born to die,kill to pass the time
My death destined from the start
Justice,the jury reached a verdict
The judge brings the gavel down
Sentenced the execution of the flesh
In vengeance my soul lives on