I'll tell you how it went and all the time we spent trying to make something of us.
Something we knew but never was.

Laid faced down on the bed and spoke in tongues with the dead.
The times you saw me lose my cool:
The stares were blank, the words were cruel

But what if I was the problem the whole time?

Well, I'd beg forgiveness and oblige.
The ground just opened wide and ate me whole.
Why am I so happy I could die?
There were no words to say “goodbye,”

The ground just opened wide and ate you whole.

Figured they'd figure out soon they never put a man on the moon.
And no one knows the truth 'bout Pete Rose and Babe Ruth

What if you got there to see that it's not what you believed?
No blinding lights or smiling teeth
I'd tell you "you were wrong all along" and
You'd tell me that you hate me.

I'm always looking for the answers and wondering why
The rules were ever made for us if we never abide...