The war machines have taken control,our leaders have fallen
Dying screams,humanity mourns,our nations have crumbled
Destroying the weak,enslaving the strong
Computerized madness all hope is gone,see them fall

This planet earth,doomed from the start,from the apple she picked
Genocide,our cities in ruin,the first strikes been launched
Armageddon descended,earth is now hell
Nowhere to run in the cities that fell,see them die

We took all that was given,gave nothing in return
Greed & lust took over,now we must burn
Earth is destroyed,there is not a trace
We saw what was coming,looked death in the face
The second comings upon us,Armageddon is here
Death will come swiftly,there's nothing to fear
To save us from sin he has been sent
Destroyed by fire a nuclear end
A tear in his eye,crucified again

The aftermath,the barren earth no life to be found
One colony left of mutated human,they live underground
They crawl to the surface for light they taste
To greet them deadly nuclear waste,see them die