The moon is full,it rises
In the black of night
The wolf vain,has not been broken
I howl in sheer delight
I look in the mirror
I scream,what have I become
My lust,it grows now
For meat,you better run

In the night,when the full moon's bright
Look behind you,I am watching you die

I stalk you in the bushes
I leap,you are my prey
My claws,rip your body
My teeth,taste your blood
You,cry out for mercy
And God he hears you
He will avenge your death
But for now I'm killing you

You scream out in pain,I just wanna watch you die
I can't stop it...why ?

12 'o clock,in the night
The death watch hour is here
But this isn't an ordinary night
As a Priest appears
He shoots,the silver bullet
The sting,as it rips my fur
Why,did I become a wolf
This is such an evil mess

When the moon is full & you're alone in the dark
The death watch hour is here