I believe in Hate through infinity
Watch it rise - My kingdom of rape!
I lead a horde of born again antichrists, blessed be the all human way!
I create new dis-order and pain. 
I make you worship my Hate beyond mortality
Death reigns! My crusade, my apocalypse is coming near...

Repugnant bringers of pain
Self-acclaimed gods of wicked games
Empire of nothing, empire of filth
Endless crusades, battlefield eternal...

I puke at your idols, I flourish in your disgrace!
A war to embrace man's sunset
A chorus of breaking necks
Cracking necks...

Drink from the chalice of your blindness
In the name of fake idols, gods and antichrists.
The exquisite machinery of torture - Every army bows to this
Drink from the chalice of your blindness
Fake idols, gods and antichrists...

There is no light at the end of the tunnel!
Take last breath and then you will melt into nought
Another step to salvation of insanity 
 The crusade is nothing but failure
I am death, a plague to ensure thy fall
Shines the light on your life of agony

Creation and anti-creation, suicidal crusades
Blood, Fire, Dust, War!