From up the frozen northland
To the bitter covered clime
There's a train that comes a rollin'
Every year at Christmas time.

All the kids are in their glory,
When the snow begins to fall
'Cause they know it's bringin' Santa Clause
And the Christmas Cannonball

It takes from the North Pole
With a jingle and a roar
It's partly run by reindeer
Till it gets to Baltimore.

If you hear the cry of timber
Coming out of Montreal
You can start to look for Santa Clause
And the Christmas Cannonball.

It's loaded down with nice things
From a doll to fancy toys
And it's bringing all the presents
To the good little girls and boys.

So listen to your mothers
Do the things she wants you to
If you can't be good till christmas
Then it's just too bad for you.

Take it easy with your cryin'
And be careful one and all
'Cause it's almost time for Santa Claus
And the Christmas Cannonball...