Here we go a round---, the merry go round
The merry go round---, the merry go round of love
Round and a round----,the merry go round
findin' true love--,sure is tough
Some people fallin off--,and some are getting on
And some are getting--,ready to jump
here we go a round--,the merry go round
the merry go round--,of love

I just got off--, from the merry go round
And my heart--, was starting to mend
The last ride I had--,was awfull bad
I swore--, I'd never get on again

Then I met a little girl, and she gave me a whirl
Now I'm off--, for an other round
I guess I'll be riding--, the merry go round
'till--,, the day I die

How long will I ride the--, the merry go round
How long--, will it be this way
how many times--, will it go 'round and 'round
Before I find a girl who stay's

Every time I think--, about a true love
And my riding day's are done
A long come's a man--,who take's her by the hand
And I'm back--, where I've started from