One Obama
Two Obama
Tree Obama
Four Obama
Hot Obama
Vote Barack Obama
Wish Him Luck

Hang with Ludacris Obama
Jewish Yarmulkah Obama
He'll be our next president

We're tired of our President
Everyone hates him
He put us in sour fruit
And Cheney shot his friend
But now that guy is leaving town
And life will have less suck
Time for him to retire now
And become a duck

Did you ever see Obama
Kiss Obama
On Obama
Mama of Obama
Wish Barack Obama luck

Power man of steel Obama
Young Obama
Hip Obama
Fun time at the beach
Barack Obama
Wish him luck

I'm scared of Republicans
They say they want change
But then they want to stay the same
And then it hurts my brain
I'll crash into a voting booth
And proudly proclaim
I will not go left or right
Only vote for change

(One version keeps repeating again and again)